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Passivation of Pentacene OFETs with AlOx by ALD (atomic layer deposition)
Organic semiconductors show great promise in various low-cost, large-area, electronic applications.
Currently, the best performing molecule as the active material in p-type organic transistors is pentacene,
with high mobilities over 1.0 cm^2/Vs and decent on-off ratios. However, pentacene is subject to rapid
degradation in ambient conditions, presumably to form the transannular endoperoxide or dimeric Diels-
Alder adducts. As such, much attention in the field has been focused on designing new organic
semiconductor candidates or developing passivation layers in OFET devices. The petancene OFETs
with passivation layer composed of AlOx by an atomic layer deposition in our study shows long-term
environmental stability in ambient conditions as compared to those without passivation layer.